What makes Intuos Law different?


We strive to be there when you need us. If you want to talk through an idea, or just want to brainstorm, we're enthusiastic about meeting you where you do your work and getting to know everything about your business and what makes you tick. 

And don't worry about the clock, because we don't run like that.


We have extensive experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're just getting into your industry or have been going for decades strong and want to expand or spin-off, we can help you navigate and strategize through the issues.

We will estimate up front how much it will cost and we'll work with your budget, no matter the size.


We want to be more than just your lawyer. We want help bridge the links and work as a member of your team. 

We are active and integrated in the community. We are constantly offering free workshops around the country on business and non-profit law topics. We believe doing so is both a responsibility and privilege and we live by doing.

What can we help you with?


No matter how many individuals are involved and how many moving pieces there are, we can help you identify the right business structure for your growing empire.

If you need help with incorporating, setting up a shareholders agreement, or establishing some of the building blocks to your business, we can help you with all of that. 

General business questions

Need a few supply contracts, non-disclosure agreements, franchise agreements or intellectual property agreements reviewed? We can review just a few or provide full support in negotiation and finalization of agreements.

Maybe you find yourself with questions or ideas you'd like to talk to a professional about but are afraid to pick up the phone because of costs concerns? We can be your in-house counsel ready to answer any questions you may have. Getting answers to your questions early and effectively can translate into saving time and money.

  • Tell us what your needs are and we can customize the appropriate amount of time to fit your business needs. 
  • Corporate records services including minute book management and annual report filings available at competitive rates.

strategic growth

Perhaps you're looking to purchase a business, or make a strategic move with your existing one. Whether you're scaling up by securing financing from investor, expanding the business, scaling down to sell, or spinning a portion of the business off, you'll want to talk with financial and legal professionals as early as possible to make sure you're getting the most out of your next game-changing move.


Tell us what we can do for you. If we haven't answered your question here, or if we've created new ones for you, give us a call or send us an email. We'd jump at the opportunity to get to know you!